Title 5 Septic Tank Inspection

If you have a home with a septic system, DiBuono Sewer & Drain is ready to help you when you need a Title 5 inspection. If you have an older system, you may need to get a Title 5 inspection to make sure that your system is up to code. When your system is outdated, it is not going to be able to handle the waste coming from your home. Reduce the risk of a septic system failure by getting a Title 5 inspection and following through with the recommendations.

When Your Septic System Gets Frequent Use

When you rent out a property, it’s possible that the system gets more use than normal. If you have a vacation home that you rent out to strangers, it’s likely that items will get flushed down the toilet that you are not aware of. A system that gets used consistently needs to be cared for with proper inspections and cleaning at least every two years, sometimes yearly.

Title 5 Compliance in Massachusetts

The Title 5 inspection is unique to Massachusetts. It is designed to protect the groundwater and keep properties safe from septic system failures. When you want to sell your home, the home must pass a Title 5 inspection. This can be costly for homeowners, as a complete replacement has a wide range starting at around $10,000. Depending on the soil, the size of the septic system needed and the topography of the yard, the system could cost up to $50,000. As the seller, you have to pay for the cost of having a septic system that passes the Title 5 inspection.

There are signs you may see if your septic system is starting to fail. When you haven’t had your septic system checked for a number of years, it’s time to have an inspection. The groundwater on your property can get contaminated from a failed septic system. With the numerous lakes and ponds throughout Cape Cod, the risk to wildlife is great if a septic system fails.

If you live in your home throughout the year, you should be good with a septic system pumping every other year. If you only stay at your Cape Cod home for a few months in the summer, you can probably go another year without the system getting cleaned out. When you have concerns about your system, you should have it inspected each year to make sure it is still in good shape.

Signs of a problem with your septic system include sewage water coming up through the ground, causing puddles when it hasn’t rained. You may notice a foul odor in your yard, and the drains in your home may all be going slowly. If the system fails completely, you can end up having waste water come back up into your home.

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