Septic Tank Installation on Cape Cod

A septic tank system is used on a property when there is no direct link to the public sewer system. For many homes on Cape Cod, a septic system is used to remove waste water safely from the home. DiBuono Sewer & Drain can install a new septic tank, provide a Title 5 inspection, and pump out your current system. Septic system regulations change over time, and only a Title 5 inspection lets you know if your system is up to code.

New Septic Tank Installation on Cape Cod

Even if you take perfect care of your septic system, it eventually needs to be upgraded. If you are noticing signs of a system failure, it’s time to have your system inspected carefully. Slow moving drains throughout the home are a good indicator of a septic system that is getting full. On the outside of your property, you may see water pooling or smell a bad odor that doesn’t go away. Both are signs that your septic system isn’t working properly. If you need a new septic tank installation, DiBuono Sewer & Drain can help.

Longevity of Your Septic System

A septic system made out of concrete can last up to 40 years. While a system can break down much earlier, good maintenance can make your septic system last up to four decades. Good maintenance includes yearly inspections and adequate pumping out every other year. If your system is used frequently, or is not the right size for your home, you may need to have the system cleaned more frequently. Problems can occur when the wrong items are sent down your kitchen drains or flushed down the toilet.

Taking Care of Your Septic System

When your home has a septic system, be mindful of using a garbage disposal to get rid of kitchen waste. Oils, grease and peelings can all cause your septic system problems. The grease can build up, causing clogs in the system. With various vegetable peelings, the fibers are a solid that adds to the bulk in your system. While waste water leeches out of your system, peelings, grease and paper don’t.

Pay Attention to the Location of Your Septic System

You should know where your septic system and leech field is on your property. This is where you are going to see problems if your system stops working. You may notice standing water in your leech field. Never park a heavy vehicle or other equipment on your septic tank or leech field so that it won’t get damaged from the weight. When you know where your septic system is located, you are better able to identify problems.

If you are looking to sell your property and you have failed a Title 5 inspection, we can help. You may need a new septic tank installation to get your septic system up to code. We will talk with you about your options and give you the guidance you need regarding your septic system. Call DiBuono Sewer & Drain today at 508-364-9587 to learn more.

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