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Septic Tank Installation :

DiBuono Sewer and Drain is a fully licensed and insured septic system installer with many years of experience. DiBuono Sewer and Drain is licensed from Plymouth to Harwich and can take on your residential septic installation with confidence and the right equipment for the job. Most septic tank installations on Cape Cod are done within a couple of days. DiBuono sewer and drain will work closely with you through out the entire process, from the engineering, perk test, and land surveying right through the installation and inspection by the board of health. DiBuono Sewer and Drain has worked closely with the board of health in each and every one of these towns for many years. DiBuono Sewer and Drain is located in Barnstable County and based out of Cotuit. Call us today with your ready septic plans or to schedule a free estimate. Take advantage of full financing with little to no money out of pocket.

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Title 5 Septic inspection:

At DiBuono Sewer and Drain we have done hundreds of Title 5 septic tank inspections. We will pull your file at the health department prior to arriving at your home. We will educate you on marketing your home according to the number of bedrooms allowed by your septic system. We will locate and inspect all of the septic components and provide you with a state septic inspection report. We will advise you on any pass or fail items before reporting to the local health department. DiBuono Sewer and Drain is fully licensed, equipped and insured to handle any repairs needed. DiBuono Sewer and Drain can even install a brand new septic system if needed, handling the entire process from engineering to the final installation and inspection.

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Roto Rooting:

At DiBuono Sewer and Drain we are not just another roto rooting company. We are fully licensed and insured. We care about your property, your family and your pets. Roto rooting can be part of ongoing septic maintenance schedule or strictly on an emergency bases. Our roto rooter equipment is state of the art, including sewer cameras and location devices. Roots in you main line? No problem. Let us access and locate the roots using our roto rooting equipment saving you time and money. Call us today and we will have a roto rooter technician out to you the same day. Sink line roto rooting, main line roto rooting, bath tubs, showers, and many other drains. We also offer water jetting.

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DiBuono Sewer & Drain Service Van

DiBuono Sewer & Drain is the most trusted company in the Cape Cod area for drain and sewer cleaning services. We are backed by several years of experience in the industry, and we work hard to meet all of your needs. Our staff will communicate through the process so you can make an informed decision. Our inspectors work with state of the art tools to help you find the best solution, and we respect your time by working efficiently. Our services include drain cleaning, water jetting, sewer cleaning, Title V Inspection, commercial plumbing, grease trap cleaning, and sewer camera inspections.


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