Internal Grease Trap Cleaning

Internal grease traps can be found anywhere food is prepared from restaurants to grocery stores to hotel kitchens. Internal grease traps are designed to extend the life of one’s septic system. These grease traps are typically found under or near a kitchen sink or wash sink.

These traps are typically the size of a small garbage can and are sealed tight. The grease trap is very effective at trapping grease before it enters the drain line. However, without proper maintenance the grease trap will no longer prevent grease from moving past the trap, thus clogging your drain pipes and more importantly, your leaching facility. This can cause premature failure.

It is important to clean and maintain these traps on a regular basis.

DiBuono Sewer & Drain grease trap cleaning services cleans and maintains internal grease traps on a regular basis to prevent clogging your drain pipes.

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