How do I know if my septic system will pass ?

The answer is you don’t. Only a licensed inspector can determine this.

What are things an inspector looks for while doing an inspection ?

This is a great question. An inspector will locate and expose your Title V components tank, distribution box, (if you have one) and the leaching portion of the system.

Here he will examine the structural integrity of each of these. He will record data such as liquid levels, sludge depth, piping, and whether or not tees and baffles are present.

He or she will also observe staining from previous liquid levels.

Will the inspector know right away whether my system passes ?

In most cases all of the data is not available at the site. Town water records and usage data will still need to be gathered, as well as information pertaining to ground water, and nearby well water if any. The proximity to these may also effect a title v inspection.

How long does an inspection take ?

Most inspections are done within an hour or two.

How can I be sure I am getting an honest inspection ?

At Cape Cod Title V we specialize in quick and thorough Title Five inspections.

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